Gen 1 Wheel Rims and Tires - Historical

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Gen 1 Wheel Rims and Tires
The factory rims on a Gen 1 Prius are 14x5½JJ.

Rim size 14x5½JJ features
Bolt pattern: 4 x 100 mm [4 bolts in a 100 mm diameter circle. Measured from center of bolt across wheel center to center of far bolt.]
1 Bolt Thread Size: M12 x 1.5 [ISO standard. Nominal diameter (mm) x pitch (mm)]
2 Center Bore: 54.1 mm [The size of the center hole in the middle of the wheel. Measured in millimeters. Normally covered by a center cap. The wheels won't fit if the center bore of the wheels are smaller than that of your car's. If the bore is larger than that of your car's. Spigot rings needs to be fitted. Spigot rings allow the wheel to be firmly centered on the hub.]
3 Wheel width: 5.5" inches [The width of the wheel will dictate the tire sizes that will fit on the wheel. The wider the width the wider the tire size that will fit on the wheel. Wider wheels and tires gives your tires better grip on the road giving your car better road holding and braking than tires that are narrower. The trade off is wider tires have more rolling resistance (friction). Which will lower your MPG. If you want a higher MPG then get narrow tires.]
4 Wheel diameter: 14" [Diameter of the 'rim' in inches (excluding the tire).]
5 Wheel Offset: ET45 [45 mm distance from the center of the wheel width to the mounting face. So 140mm(5 ½") Wheel width / 2 = 70mm(2 ¾") Center + ET 45mm(1 ²⁵⁄₃₂") = Backspace of 115mm(4 ¹⁷⁄₃₂"). Did you know: 'ET' is derived from the German word 'Einpresstiefe' which translates to 'insertion depth'?]

Gen 1 Prius can interchange rims with..

Prius, 2001-2003 (spare) [of course. duh.]

Toyota Tercel, 1993-1996 (spare with ABS)
Toyota Paseo, 1993-1999 (spare with ABS)

Echo sedan/coupe

Scion xA

2004-2005 Echo Hatchback

In terms of non-US vehicles, there’s the Ist (same as xA), Sienta, Raum, Passo, FunCargo, Vitz (Echo Hatchback), Platz (Echo sedan), Belta (Yaris sedan)

The factory tires on a Gen 1 Prius are 175/65/R14 84S. This is a tire with a 583 mm overall diameter. Or roughly 23 inches. Different tire sizes will give different diameters.

Size Diameter Width Wheel
1 165/65R14 -2.6%22.4" 6.5" 14 x 4.5-6"
2 185/60R14 -1.3%22.7" 7.3" 14 x 5-6.5"
3 205/55R14 -0.4%22.9" 8.1" 14 x 5.5-7.5"
4 225/50R14 -0.4%22.9" 8.9" 14"
5 175/65R14 Equal23" 6.9" 14 x 5-6"
6 195/60R14 +0.9%23.2" 7.7" 14 x 5.5-7"
7 185/65R14 +2.2%23.5" 7.3" 14 x 5-6.5"
8 175/70R14 +2.6%23.6" 6.9" 14 x 4.5-6"
9 205/60R14 +3.0%23.7" 8.1" 14 x 5.5-7.5"