Prius Gen3 - Deactivate Reverse Beeping - Historical

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Prius Gen3 - Deactivate Reverse Beeping
Sick of the reverse beep? For my car, the combination of reverse beep with reverse sensor beeps was ridiculous. Of course you should take it to the Toyota dealer and get them to do that. But, if you're like me, you'll want to do it yourself.
This wiki picks from 18 pages of chat to produce a step by step guide for reducing the reversing beeps to a single beep.
Others did all the hard yards in working out how to do this: usbseawold2000; vincent1449p; Tracksyde; andi111; Paja to name a few
GenIII Prius Custom PIDs for Torque app | PriusChat

1. Buy OBD Bluetooth ELM 327. Expect to pay $10 to $100 – purchase advice covered elsewhere on forum – very real chance of it not working if you get the wrong one.

2. Download CSV file from this link onto phone/tablet. Save into folder .torque/extendedpids (see "Common Problems" at end of this doc if stuck)

PriusNoRevBeep.csv - Google Drive

3. Install Torque Pro App from google play. Pay a few $$ - the free version will not work for this.

4. Set up Torque App on your smartphone/tablet, if you haven’t already. For example:

a. Specify metric or imperial units (Menu button – Settings – Units – tick on or off various options)

b. Set up vehicle profile - Menu button – Vehicle Profile – Edit (weight 1380 kg, fuel tank 45 L / 11.8 US gallon, max rpm 5200, vol. eff. 51)

5. Add the PriusNobeep CSV on/off switches to Torque app as sensors/PIDs

How to -Menu button – Settings – Manage Extra PIDs/Sensors – Menu button – Add predefined set – select “PriusNoBeep” (if successful, should get a list of 4 PIDs)

6. Insert OBD2 bluetooth connector into car socket. The socket is located to the side of steering wheel column, about where column disappears under dash.

7. Turn car on so OBD2 can talk to car – park brake ON while you’re doing this. I use EV mode to stop engine starting while I'm doing this.

8. Pair smartphone/tablet with OBD connector. Suggest follow manufacturer instructions. For example, on my Samsung tablet:

a. Tablet Settings – Bluetooth – turn Bluetooth on – tick OBD – enter 1,2,3,4 if it asks for a password – done (paired is sufficient – don’t need to connect to it as Torque will do that)

b. Torque app – Adapter Status

9. Disabling the beeps in Torque app (finally, we actually get to disabling the beeps!)

a. Menu button – Settings – Manage Extra PIDs/Sensors (should get a list of 4 PIDs)
b. Try running the test first. Select “Reverse Beep Query” PID - Menu button – Edit – (scroll to bottom of page) – Test. A response of “0” confirms that reverse beep is ON and that you can communicate with ECU.
c. Back to PID list.
d. Disable beep. Select “Reverse Beep Disable” PID - Menu button – Edit – (scroll to bottom of page) – Test
e. Back to PID list.
f. Repeat step b. You should get “64” returned.

10. Final test - start car and try reverse. If successful, you will get one beep going into reverse each time, but no more than one.

11. Remove extra PIDs. I recommend you remove the custom PIDs from Torque app to avoid accidental activation/deactivation in future. You can leave the CSV file on the tablet in the .torque folder for later use, and just delete from torque-app list of extra PIDs:

a. Menu button – Settings – Manage Extra PIDs/Sensors – Menu button – Clear list

Common problems:

Continuing beeps? If you have reversing sensors, these might continue to do their own beeping as you approach objects, regardless of the reverse gear beep setting.

May not need Test? You may not have to run the “Test” stage to activate the PID – simply viewing it on the extended PID list might activate it. So if your pre-check indicates the reverse beep is already disabled, it may be done already.

Trouble finding the CSV files within Torque app. Use an app like ES File Explorer and change the settings to "show hidden folders". Then go looking for the “.torque” folder.

For example: /sdcard/.torque/extendedpids


If you don’t see the .torque folder, you might be looking in the wrong place. Once you have the right place, copy CSV to there. Create “extendedpids” folder within .torque folder, if it's not already there.