DiY Grid Charger

DiY Grid Charger
For Prius owners that are more hands on with some mechanical skills I thought a page that gathers all links and pages related to building a grid charger is better than me plastering the links on every thread that asks for help related to grid chargers.

WARNING! (SEX) (Now that I have your attention, please read the next sentences carefully.)

There are dangerous high voltages inside the charger and HV battery. You can be KILLED if you are careless and don't follow the safety instructions while building the charger and even when installing any charging harness.

At the same time, if the battery breaker switch is OFF and you follow the warnings given in this article and in installing the charging harness from installation instructions given from the web, it is quite safe to work on this high voltage system. If you are not comfortable working around high voltage, try to enlist the help of someone that knows what to do. (Also wear latex gloves or 00 safety gloves.)

Lots of education on Priuschat, build one for half the price of a 2008 Prolong harness.

Olrowdy has an excellent tutorial on grid charging explaining a build for a Honda Insight 175 volts.

Also applicable to 04 - 15 Prius but must use a 286 volt LPC-100-350 Meanwell power supply and a 500vdc meter, fan blower-use PC AT power supply

Olrowdy.V2.grid.charger.discharger MOD

MparkH documented his Honda Insight grid charger build, very nicely done, for Prius note above.

MparkH V2 Grid Charger Build (Illustrated) | Honda Insight Forum

Prius build using Olrowdy template

Build Hybrid Battery Maintenance Gear For Under $100 | PriusChat

Make your own under $100 or less. $30 for LPC-100-350

Can I borrow your battery charger/balancer/reconditioner? | Page 6 | PriusChat

Lots of discussion for $100 grid chargers.

DIY Grid Reconditioning Charger | PriusChat

DIY harness for DIY charger/discharger | PriusChat

Another 2 DiY builds based on Ol'Rowdy, pdf plans included

What type of connector does a Prolong Charger/Discharger use? | PriusChat

DIY High Voltage Battery Reconditioner - Grid Charger | PriusChat

Prius Grid Charger/Discharger with Electronic Load | PriusChat
Dec 16, 2022
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