Nov 25, 2005
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Dec 11, 1949 (Age: 70)
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Huntsville AL
My hobby, engineering


BMW i3 and Model 3, Male, 70, from Huntsville AL

    1. rpatterman
      Bob, I dropped out of Prius Chat because a car forum seemed like a tough place to discuss social and political issues. I drop in occasionly and am glad you and Icarus (and a few others) are still fighting the "good fight".

      Thanks Richard Patterman
      Bob your thoughts I bought this 2001 Prius with 116000 looks like it needs a new battery should I buy a used one or a reconditioned one installing it myself or should I just bite the bullet and have Toyota install a new one I own a garage and bought this car for personal use thank you !
    3. dhman2006
      Hey, I'm buying a 2005 Used Toyota Prius and someone in the forum told me to check out the HIV battery. I was wondering if you know how to check it out myself. If you do know how to do it and can shoot me PM I'd really appreciate it.
    4. edthefox5
      Hi Bob,
      Great write up on the UPS project. I need a recomendation please. Whats the best Inverter model to use to power up a 5000 BTU AC unit and some LED lights and maybe a small FM radio please?
      Thanks, Ray
    5. Codyroo
      Welcome back Bob, you were missed.
    6. WHCSC
      Are you still doing the rebuilt APA thing?

      My issue just started. I have an '01 with about 175K on it. Occasionally as I'm criusing along at 35-45 the ICE cuts out and it slows suddenly. The MFD shows 100mpg and there are no warning lights. It doesn't last long and reverts back to normal at the next stop. Does this sound like Big Hand Syndrome or something your swithch would fix? Thanks!
    7. thoroughbredab
      Bob, I have taken great interest in all of you posts...You seem to the guy who knows the most about all things Prius. I have receintly purchase an inexpensive 01 prius with a presumably low or dead traction battery. (the car will not start at all even when the aux batt is jumped) there are No code stored because the Aux battery was also dead. I have no history on how this happed as I bought the car at aution. My theory is the car was driven after it ran out of gas because the gas gage is also empty. I am hoping to get the 273v battery charged up enough to start the ICE to take over. But before I start charging the cells manually with a smart RC charger I wanted to know if It might work to tow the car to the top of a very long and tall hill nearby and roll down the hill with moderate breaking and try to charge the Battery that way at least enough to get the gas engine start. Will this work and if so what gear and key position must or any other things must I do for this to work?
    8. Joekingiam
      Hello Bob,
      I bought another 01 Prius sight unseen with "mechanical" problems. I did a couple things, got it running, no probs.
      I put it gear, got a shudder, then the Red triangle light came on, it moved reluctantly, hesitating both forward and reverse so I parked it. Any ideas?
      Its not the hybrid batt light. Its the "problem" light.
    9. hobbit
    10. fordjf
      Lunch sounds great someday.
      Send me an e-mail
      **replace (at) with @** but I am sure you knew that.

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    Dec 11, 1949 (Age: 70)
    Home Page:
    Huntsville AL
    My hobby, engineering
    2017 Prius Prime
    Prime Plus
    Old guy

    Engineering, keeping wife happy,


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