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    1. skorpyo33
      Just wanted to stop in and say thanks to the guru that showed me how to hook up an speaker amp to the battery in a 3rd gen prius the correct way. Havent had any problems since too.
    2. Ed Beaty
      Ed Beaty
      Always enjoy your posts. Well thought out, knowledgeable and informative. You also have a diplomatic way of correcting knuckleheads.... 'o)
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    3. Nima psn
      Nima psn
      Hi,I found sth wierd with one of the rear brake, the parking brake did not work and second when I push the brake pedal it work but didn't release, it seems the rotor stuck.There is no leakage from the caliper but I dont know if the caliper piston get back or not or may be other issues and about parking brake I actually have no ideas. I will really appreciate your help.
    4. Scottyboy24
      Thanks! I was about to try some expensive LED's, but I am supposing this problem will also blow/shorten the life of the LED's ? Or since they require less volts, do you think they my work? If you think I will have problems with the LED's, I may call the dealer and see what they charge to fix it before I can make myself try to do it.
    5. mlibanio
      The 33060 navigation unit will indeed work in a US prius. I live in Canada, but my Prius was purchased in the good ol' USA! That unit is a Generation 3 unit where as 47020 unit is a Generation 2. Either will work just fine! However, if I could do it again, I would definitely go with the Generation 3! If you are ever inclinded to attempt the install, let me know, I am more than happy to help you. Dreamer, a PriusChat member, just finished doing it with my help and he is amazed at how much more he loves his car now! I have helped two others on PriusChat do it too. I hated it when people told me it was not possible. Nothing is impossible! I am currently helping a member with a 2007 Prius with a Nav install now. And even now we are blowing apart myths that Priuschat members have been spewing out for the longest time!
    6. Kibo
      No they didn't, its my girlfriend's car. Do you know how to reset the tire pressure sensor on a 2002? It was the "Prius tech" who finally got it running - Don't trust the dealer's shop!
      Thanks for the reply, Kibo
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